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What is Independence Day of USA (4th July 2018)

What is Independence Day of USA

In this post, we will talk about “What is Independence Day of USA”.

The 4th July is known as the Independence Day, and it is also known as “The Fourth of July.”  Since 1941, 4th of July has been the Federal public holiday in the United States. But the Independence Day celebration traditions were following since American revolution took place in the 18th century.

Celebrated in the memory of declaration of independence of America from Great Britain in 1776.

A celebration of Independence Day – What is Independence Day of USA

Independence Day is the day of public holiday in America. It is a day of family celebrations including barbecues, family picnic, and sports competitions. People show great enthusiasm for the American tradition of political freedom. More activities include baseball matches, swimming competition, and tug of war, watermelon and hotdogs eating competitions take place within the cities and area.

People display the flag of their county outside their buildings and homes. Several communities of America arrange patriotic music and fireworks on this day. But now the fireworks are mostly done by the Government in the big cities of the country. Some people take one or more holiday to spend a long weekend with their families on the beach or their favorite place.

4th July is a nationalist holiday for the celebration of the positive aspects of America. Many politicians give patriotic speeches on the public events to show their support for the people, heritage, and history of the country. The Statue of Liberty is the memorial Statue associated with the Independence Day. There are many other events practiced from the 18th century up to now including public events, fireworks, parades, concerts, carnivals, and fairs.

History of Independence Day – What is Independence Day of USA

Since 1775, people of England start fighting with the Great British government for their freedom or independence. The 13 colonies of England rise voices for their freedom, and on July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress declared that thirteen colonies considered themselves a new nation as United State America and were no longer be the part of British Empire. On July 4, 1776, final wording for the declaration of Independence passed, and the Congress published the document. The first public reading of the verdict takes place on July 8, 1776. Delegates signed the declaration of independence on 2nd August 1776.

There was confusion for the date of independence. Some considered that 2nd of July was the day of independence, but other think its 4th of July when the Declaration of Independence approved. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both signers of the Declaration of Independence and later become presidents of the United States.

They died on the same date July 4, 1826, exactly after 50 years of implementation of the declaration, another president James Monroe also died on 4th July 1831, and the 30th president of America born on the date of Independence Day at 4th July 1872. He is the only president born on this date. So, in the history of USA 4th July has its significant importance so, the nation of America celebrate 4th of July as Independence Day.

How to celebrate Independence Day

The first explanation of how Independence Day would celebrate written in the letter from the John Adam to his wife on July 3, 1776. He described that the day must celebrate with parade and pomp, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and fireworks in the entire United States. People call it a federal holiday and the term Independence Day was not common until 1791.

A celebration of Independence Day through History – What is Independence Day of USA

Since the 18th century, the July 4th marked the day with fireworks, parties, speeches, carnivals, feasts and general celebrations. In Bristol, Rhode Island there was a solute of 13 gunshots giving tribute to those thirteen colonies stands for the freedom of nation in the morning and evening in 1777.

It is also famous for arranging the nation’s longest-running Independence Day celebration.   The first music commemorating written by Johann Friedrich Peter in Salem, North Carolina. The writing was “Psalm of Joy.” Irrespective of defined national events many towns and cities across the US have their own traditional and annual celebration linked with this Day.

Government marked Independence Day – What is Independence Day of USA

4th of July is a federal holiday. In 1870, government marked the national holiday unpaid for the federal workers. Since 1918, it becomes a paid holiday for the federal workers across the country. On different national events government officers also make speeches and be the part of the national parade. In 1870, Congress declared it as an unpaid national holiday for federal workers.

But since 1938 the national holiday become a paid holiday across the country. Government officers make speeches on different public events of 4th of July, and they also participate in the national 4th July parade of their hometown.

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