Independence Day Pics

Independence Day Pics (4th of July 2018)

Declaration of the Independence Day





















The thirteen colonies of England raise their voices for their freedom in 1775 and in 2nd of July 1776, the continental Congress declare that these 13 colonies separated from the Great British Empire, and the declaration for Independence signed. The signed document looks like the one shown in the above picture. The document signed on 4th July 1776. Authors of the declaration include Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams.


Another picture describes the love and passion of people for their new country and their freedom. A woman was sewing the Flag for their country in June 1776, and unconsciously she is mind conditioning the next generation about the importance of Freedom and liberty.

Historical Independence Day Celebrations














A political group is giving a speech to the people on the Independence Day in Trenton, N.J in this undated photograph.













Some wireworks saw above the Washington D.C Monument in Washington D.C in this undated picture.

















It is one of the traditional ways of the celebration of Independence Day. A pathway decorated with the Flags of America in circa a small town in America, 1910.  In the same town in 1912, a picture of Parade captured in which Chinese Dragon and Contingent is the part of the 4th July Parade. Here is the picture











Patriotism is in the blood of every American. Every individual of the nation knows the true meaning of Freedom. That’s why they celebrate the Independence Day with full energies and with the spirit of patriotism. A picture captured in 1915. A woman is holding the flag of America on Independence Day celebration at Lincoln Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.














A triad of three beautiful young girls is posing for a portrait during the 4th July celebrations in Ohio, Avondale 1918. The picture of Trio looks like:

















Parade Celebration Pictures

The Parade is the national event of the Independence Day and being followed by the American nation after the war of 1812.  Anyone can volunteer for the parade. In the picture shown below is the 4th July Parade down the streets of Miami town, near Cincinnati, Ohio in 1921. The children dressed in white and red holds the Flag of their country and marching down the street in the parade.


















In Circa, in 1922, Three Boys are marching with the fife and drums on the 4th of July parade. The boys dressed in colonial garb as the soul of 76. The picture looks like
















On July 2017, an American eagle is floating down the constitutional Avenue in the National Independence Day Parade in Washington D.C.













Celebrities celebrating Independence Day

An American silent screen heroin Dolores Costello is standing outside the studio on 4th July 1926 to raise the flag “Old Glory” to honor Independence Day.

















Another Actress of America Gloria Shea practicing in New-York for the performance on the celebration of America’s birthday on July 4, 1932.























Another pair of celebrities is taking part in the celebrations of Independence Day on 4th July 1932. Elizabeth Young and Lyda Roberti are celebrating Independence Day by waving sparklers.



Jared Leto an American actress in 2016 is celebrating Independence Day in the sea.












Kristina Bell another American Actress dressed in the Flag like clothes to show their love for their country on Independence Day.
















President on Independence Day Celebrations

These photos captured on the Independence Day of 1927. President Calvin Coolidge dressed in cowboy style outfits and celebrated the 151st nation’s birthday. It was the day of his fifty-fifth and fifth birthday as a president of the United States at the Rapid City because he was the only President born on the Independence Day. In the first picture, the president is standing with the other people and with his wife. In the next picture president in the same dress standing with his wife pose outdoor at the party of Independence Day and his birthday in the white house, South Dakota.






























Celebrations at other places

People are celebrating 4th of July on beech with their families in 1938 on Coney Island. People chill out on beeches with their families as the temperature is hot and humid. So, beech is the best place to enjoy.















A concert and firework at Boston in July 2016 and people are enjoying it.










A Hot-Dog Eating contest on July 4th, 2016 in New-York on Independence Day.














Concerts are one of the main events of Independence Day and people enjoy them a lot. The above picture is the picture of the grand concert “Fare Thee Well” by rock n roll.


Another picture of the crowd attending a concert of rhythm and blues singer Peabo Bryson at Olympia Park in Atlanta.

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