4th of July Parade

Independence Day Parade (4th of July 2018)

Independence Day Parade

In this post, we will talk about” Independence Day Parade”.

Fourth of July is one of the vital days in the history of the United States as it symbolizes the “Declaration of Independence” of the USA from the Great British Empire in 1776.  Independence commonly linked with several events including parades, fireworks, picnics, shows, ceremonies, carnivals, public events and speeches for the celebration of the history and traditions of the nation.

The other way of celebrating the Independence Day is with patriotic songs. The famous patriotic songs including “The Star-Spangled Banner (National Anthem),” This Land Is Your Land, GOD Bless America, My Country, America the Beautiful, This of Thee and many more.

Whereas “Dixie” is the choice of southern states of the country and “Yankee Doodle” is the popular choice of the northern states of America. Lyrics of some patriotic songs recall the imageries of the “Revolutionary War” and the “War of 1812”.

Federal Holiday – Independence Day Parade

Fourth of July is the day of the federal holiday. Families take advantage of the day off and celebrate the day with a family reunion, picnic, or by arranging barbecues. Many people decorate their houses with balloons and bunting in the colors of the American flag. Several people spent their day watching at the parade held in their towns. The biggest parade held in the Washington DC.

Independence Day Parade

The national Independence Day parades take place in the mornings. A huge number of organizations and associations arrange the Independence Day parade. Parade of 4th of July is an annual event that allows more than a hundred passes. The parade passes consist of clowns, military color guards, marching bands, and dignitaries. The sole purpose of the 4th July parade is promoting the importance of Independence Day and reviving the patriotism and the traditions of the country. It is the symbol of devoted celebrations of America’s birthday.

Best National Parades – Independence Day Parade

Nothing shows being more American than watching the national parade on the July Fourth in your hometown. If your city or town did not celebrate independence day with a national parade or you are interested in watching the big Independence parade live then move to one of these cities to view the some of the best and full of tradition parade of the country. The cities include Bristol, Rhode Island, Alameda California, Washington D.C, Arlington, Texas, and Bessemer Michigan.

National Independence Parade of Washington D.C – Independence Day Parade

Historical Monuments and Constitution Avenue in Washington is famous for the setting of America’s biggest and tremendous Independence Day parade. It has an official website for the parade. The official website includes the History of the parade in Washington, Volunteer to march and works in the parade, Apply now to be the part of the parade as a marching band, dancing people, etc.

The parade in Washington D.C started at 11:45 am from 7th to 17th street of Constitution Avenue before hundreds and thousands of street audience. The National parade comprises invited drum and fife groups, bands, specialty and military units, floats, equestrian, giant balloons, VIP’s, drill teams, national notables, and celebrity members. The parade aims to draw the attention towards the literal meaning of holiday and freedom. Moreover, it is a main national event on Independence Day.

It is a flag-waving and patriotic celebration. The parade started at 11:45 am and ends at 2:00 pm. The route of the parade is one mile in length. There is some seating area on the stairs of National Archives Building en route to the parade.

Oldest Parade of American History – Independence Day Parade

The Civic, Military parade on the Fourth of July celebrations ends almost in a month in Bristol, Rhode Island. The oldest national Independence Day celebration and parade debuted in 1785 in Bristol, America. The 2.5-mile long parade starts at 10:30 am in Bristol on July 4th and contain a huge number of patriotic Americans.

Cautions for attending Parade – Independence Day Parade

National Independence Parade is a major national event, big crowd and huge public gathering expected on this day. So, a person must focus on some of the basic tips avoid any accident before attending the parade on 4th July. To get access to the good view of parade tries to reach the venue earlier. Dress according to the weather of that day. Your dress must be appropriate to deal with the hot and the humid weather of July. Try to carry your food and water for the long day.

National Independence Day Parade Themes

Fourth July Parade arranged by several themes arranged by different organizations of different cities of the country every year. Here is the list of some of the themes followed in past by Texas.

List includes:

Year Theme for Parade
2017 Chatham for the Holiday
2016 Dance and Music through the years
2015 The Revolution of America
     2014 A celebration of the 200th birthday of the National Anthem
     2013 Symbols of the land I love
     2012 Various faces of America’s Freedom
     2011 America Let’s Roll
     2010 America: Yesterday, Today, and Forever
    2009 Attributing their national memorials
   2008 A celebration of our Bill of Rights

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