4th of July Party

Fourth of July Party Ideas 2018

Fourth of July Party Ideas

In this post, we will talk about “Fourth of July Party Ideas”.

Fourth of July is one of the memorable days in the USA and celebrated from last two centuries with great and traditional ideas. The main events of the Independence Day include a picnic, parades, carnivals, concerts, BBQ, family reunions, etc. But as the technology is advancing so is the life of humans. The party ideas of Fourth of July is also diversifying with time.

Every American celebrates the Independence Day or Fourth of July with the same old patriotism and traditions. Some people arrange BBQ at their home and throw a grand party. Some people go to the beach for the celebration of their Independence Day. Some people choose road trips; some enjoy the firework displays of their city.

Host a Barbeque Party – Fourth of July Party Ideas

Hosting backyard barbeque is inherently party idea of American on Fourth of July. For the planning of barbeque make sure as a host you have arranged the ample amount of drinks, BBQ foods including Burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and ribs, also arrange chips. You can also cook veggies and fruit on the grill.

For example pineapple and corn to get the smoky taste without meat. All the guest mix and mingle over the food and enjoy the relaxing music. After eating you can also plan some party games like musical chairs or dancing, and you can end your evening with a bonfire.

See a firework show – Fourth of July Party Ideas

A 4th of July celebrations are not complete without seeing Fireworks from home or the park. If you wanted to make it at home make sure you are doing it appropriately and your audience at home must be at an ample distance from the place of firework and remove the remaining as the leftover sparks will not create any fire. Alternatively, find the nearby show off your city, to get bigger exposure.

A pool party – Fourth of July Party Ideas

You can make your party cool by throwing the pool party on 4th July. Keep your guest cool by inviting them to swim. If you own your pool, this could be the best way of keeping people entertained for hours. To decorate your pool party, you can pick some red, white, and blue streamers to surround the pool area.

For snacks, try to mix food concept including USA pride colors like red watermelon, blueberry shakes, and white frosting cookies or you can even bake a colorful cake. It is the best time of showing up your 4th of July outfits and swim fits.

So, on 4th July go with your American flag bikini or your classic OLD Navy shirts to show your patriotism. You can finish your night by watching fireworks and roasting marshmallows over a small fire grill for the closing of your whole day enjoyments.

A day trip – Fourth of July Party Ideas

If you are tired of homemade plans and hanging out with your friends in the same places, then this Independence Day try taking a road trip. If you are brave enough for some adventures, then visit an amusement or water park and ride the waves. Or you can set off for many places famous for fireworks in the country. You can also head towards the major city to view military memorials or to attend the patriotic concerts.

Help Local Veterans – Fourth of July Party Ideas

There is another way of celebrating the 4th of July that you can volunteer yourself to help local veterans. It costs nothing. The military servicemen and women have given up major parts of their lives to keep the USA free and wealthy, so they deserve some attention especially on the occasion of Independence Day. So, it’s a good idea to visit a nursing home and listen to the life stories of those people.

Help the unemployed troops to get the job. Or work on the events to raise money for the troops. Show them they are the pride of America. Whether you spend your Independence Day with your family, friends or with anyone, make it possible by snapping a few photos to make it memorable for you and your families and friends so, these memories last for lifetimes.

Home Party Idea – Fourth of July Party Ideas

You can arrange a party at home with some beautiful different colors and with the traditional colors of the flags. You can use traditional music, games or enjoy or you can introduce new food items. Like few of the home arranged party could decorate the outdoor of your house with the red, white and blue ribbons.

You can build the patriotic rocks. It is simple as you can gather rocks from anywhere and paint them and give them your guests in memory of your country. Or you can also arrange some patriotic and colorful badges and give them as present to them.

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